Poems for the Terminally Ill

Cancer is so limited that:

It cannot cripple love, only make it stronger
It cannot shatter hope, it gives cause to hope It cannot corrode faith, it makes us more dependent on faith It cannot destroy peace, it can only steal it if we let it It cannot kill friendship, only make it stronger

It cannot suppress memories, only allow us to grow fonder of them

It cannot silence courage, that is the time that our courage shines

It cannot invade the soul, which is part of my personality and love for others

It cannot steal eternal life, it only brings us closer to those Pearly Gates and Streets of Gold

It cannot conquer the spirit, as the Spirit will reside WITH the Lord and prepare our future


I'll pray for you as I hope you will pray for me… for God's Will of course

In this life don't feel empty, Realize how much God loves us personally and allow him to fill you head to toe

Come outside and play even if you don't feel like it… Those days are not over or replay positive events in your heart

Feel your face, your smile, your hands, your arms , lips and your love for others, because they are REALLY you

Having cancer only makes you realize that life can try to make you feel blue, but Choose to see a rainbow Every Day

So what! I'll tell you what, You are a winners no matter how much Satan tries to attack you. He is the one that has lost.



My love has cancer, and may feel very ill but just be still… and put your eyes on God.

It is something I will never understand but accept because only good can come from it.

My love is a wonderful, precious person, with a new smile every day, a fresh start and a huge heart

This cancer would love to ruin our day, but no chance of that. We will not give into it.. .. It will have no victory.

There's nothing I can truly say or do, but I know my love is so very Deep for You.

My heart aches when I see you my love in pain, but no pain no gain,

It encourages me that you continue to put a smile on your face, which has me in a powerful place.

You are stronger than I could ever be, and what a testimony that is to me,

I love you more than you could ever know, and that's just a beginning because my love continues daily to Grow

I will fight the good fight, by your side, every day in every way. You are not alone

My prayer is that you will soon get well, and that would be really swell, I will let you win our next pillow fight

I will love you long after we get through this hurdle together, no matter the weather. Let's go out and play in the puddles.

I choose not to blame anyone for the road we face, but have decided to handle this storm together with Grace.

Let's just trust in his way and continue to say, if he is for us who could be against us, as we watch the sun rise and set

I remember and I encourage you to remember our first date and the joy we shared never wanting it to end.

No matter what we go thru, with your hand in mine, I will feel just fine, So don't let go and I will hold on to you too.

You are and always will be the honey on my waffle

I love you

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